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Water – The Next Electricity?

Timing is everything.  I was talking about different sustainable markets last Wednesday, and a colleague said this eerily prescient statement:

“Water is the next electricity”

Fast forward to this past Saturday, and the Massachusetts water main break that left 31 cities and towns without clean water.  Immediate boil water requests from the governor.  Runs on water at all local grocery stores, including a rumored fight at the CVS in Charlestown over a few Fiji bottles only minutes after I lucked into one of the last cases of water available there.

It’s been interesting to see how social media  has given a voice to this issue locally.  On Twitter the hash tag #aquapocalypse has sprung up, even being picked up by local radio station WBUR. (see below)

A very unscientific review of Twitter for 10 minutes had everything from praise for local stores like Viga Eatery reducing its price to accommodate thirsty patrons to a flood of customers at the Fresh Pond area Dunkin’ Donuts since Cambridge has its own water supply and was the only local area people knew available to get their morning caffeine fix. 

WBUR centered its whole mid-day lineup around the news:

WBUR What if you drank the water? Your questions answered, live at 1: http://bit.ly/9Ukaim #waterchat #aquapocalypse about 1 hour ago via Tweetie

WBUR Today at 1: Live Web chat with BU toxicologist & water expert. We take your questions (tag: #waterchat) http://bit.ly/9Ukaim #aquapocalypse about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

WBUR Is the water boil order a major disruption to your business operation? WBUR’s @CurtNickisch would like to hear from you. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

Just as we need electricity for day-to-day connected living, this situation has reminded us that water is vital and underappreciated.  It will be interesting to see what effect this has on local and national legislative efforts to support water conservation.


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