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The Power of Analytics for Green Marketing

Imagine being able to tap into undiscovered markets, getting first mover advantage and securing a beachhead on a potentially large revenue stream?  With some deft analysis you’re able to empower your sales team, unleashing them with very targeted areas of focus that turn into bottom line benefit

A marketer’s dream, right?  Being able to tie together distinct threads to create a new mosaic of opportunity is essential to discovering opportunities hidden in the light of day.  All you need is the data!

But where to find it?

We hear a great deal about the promise of clean / green energy for the economy, yet many statistics show that today we’re even more shackled to traditional energy sources than during the 70’s oil crisis.  We get bogged down in looking for the large, sweeping answers, when finding smaller, yet real opportunity is essential to the slog that energy independence will inevitably become.  And that’s where marketers can make a difference.

Take a look at Heather Clancy at Green Tech Pastures piece on solar and more northern cities (think cold & snow) actually present a great opportunity vs. hot climates like Arizona due to the statistical realities of how solar works in hot vs. cold climates.  Who knew it could be “too hot” for solar?  It’s right there in Nature Materials for all to see.

Now take a look at the moves by larger IT vendors like IBM into the analytics space, well documented by ZDNet’s Larry Dignan here.   The “smarter planet” is going to be owned by those that mine data and put it to use.

That data can come from anywhere – scholastic journals, trade blogs, DOE statements.  It’s a marketers challenge and opportunity to find those disparate nuggets, distill the essence and set the direction in both external and internal programs to move sales opportunities forward before the competition.


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Launch of Sustain PR

Sustainability and green technology has moved to the forefront of America’s, and the world’s, collective conscious.

What it isn’t

* Lone scientific voices in the woods talking about impending climate change disasters.

*  Al Gore pushing the “Inconvenient Truth” boulder up the hill.

* “Tree huggers” spouting hard left views based on altruism.

What it is

* The DOE pushing weatherproofing jobs to bolster the economy.

* The latest James Bond movie talking centering on environmental espionage via the water supply.

* Cisco, GE, Intel and other corporate giants announcing Smart Grid funding and initiatives.

* The inflection point where green is now being equated with $$$.

The questions that remain

* What is the best technology to deploy, and in what order?

* What’s working today and what makes sense for tomorrow?

* Is the power for change in the hands of businesses, individuals, or both?

The answers hinge in large part on market understanding and education  Making sense of the vast amounts of information now flooding both consumers and corporations .  It comes down to how, why and where leaders and innovators are getting the word out.

We’ll be tracking the successes and lessons specifically around the communications efforts and strategy around sustainability.   Stay tuned….

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