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Social Media’s Impact on Brand Sustainable Reputation

Today’s post is inspired by recent reading of Marc Gunther’s always interesting blog

Few things to note before reading on:

*Marc has great access to folks at leading brands, making his blog a great resource for stories from the front lines.

*Marc is active on the “socnets”  with both his blog and his 4,400+ followers on Twitter.  The information he presents has a wide audience.

First up is Marc’s piece on the recent ousting of Seventh Generation leader Jeffery Hollender.

Notice the comments – multiple folks stated they will reassess their purchasing of Seventh Generation products in the future.  This immediate impact will be multiplied by Marc’s social media presence.  This also makes we wonder if the company understands the size of the social community surrounding the sustainable market and its influence.  As Marc notes in his post, no mention of the news on the company website at the time of posting.  It will be interesting to see how this issue translates to reputation and sales as the word spreads through the social sphere.

Second is this interesting profile of Levis and the motivation behind not washing your jeans. (my mom would cringe – but it’s for the planet mom!)   Levis is publicly owning its part of the process, and is setting clear public goals by which it can be measured.  Unless you’re a hemp fanatic, I can’t imagine too many outside of the sustainable converted thinking about the impact of their clothing.  Levis is making it a significant public issue (making sure to talk to bloggers like Marc and promote on its own blog )and helping to educate users of its products while also making self-improvements.

Two brands – one sustainable by nature and one a fashion stalwart, both being discussed in social media circles.  Who knew the sustainable one, the one at the center of a potential “movement” would be the one not being transparent and social.


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