Green Marketing Opps: Hidden in Plain Sight

I received my quarterly newsletter from my car insurer, in this case Liberty Mutual.  It’s a nice, glossy 14 page piece with short “tips” pieces on everything from accident statistics while texting to winter defensive driving tips.

Right on the cover they list “go green” as a subhead to one of the main pieces about updating your home.  Given my interest (as you would assume given this blog), I immediately flipped to the third page where they list 5 ways to go green.  There were multiple categories, everything from cool metal roofing to mold-resistant wallboard, windows, etc.

Looking over the list, it struck me – what a wasted opportunity for marketers.  Here’s a captive, pre-qualified audience, receiving a direct communication and not a vendor mention in site.

Maybe Liberty Mutual has a policy of not “sponsoring” or favoring specific vendors.  But wait – they list multiple blog sites for green remodeling info, and list to help you find a contractor.   And on the back cover there is a prompt for the website to find info about discounts on products from Liberty Mutual partners.  So that can’t be it….

Why couldn’t/haven’t they approached Home Depot  or Andersen Windows as a sponsor for these pieces?    Why wouldn’t current or potential partners want that opportunity?

As companies struggle with mass marketing and look to find customers in more cost-effective and meaningful ways, they must look to blogs, social media and other avenues.  But they must also look to leverage opportunities right in front of their potential customers.

Look around your house or office.  What do you see, and could you use that for your green company?


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